Security Guard Victoria

Security Guard Victoria

Hiring the right security company for YOU is very important. There is no one-way to pick a security company that you should hire. You need to know what your potential threats are and find the company to immobilize them. Here are typical situations that we deal with at GVS:

Stationary Guards:

Hiring a stationary guard is great for a variety of needs. From residential buildings, parking lots, and even retail outlets. This type of guard would stay on your property for as long as you would need them. We will alternate guards throughout the day to ensure they are fresh and alert in case a problem was to arise. These guards are trained to ensure that they are able to immobilize a situation when it occurs. It makes sure that your safety is protected at all times.

Mobile Security Guards:

Mobile security guards are great for businesses or homes that do not require someone to be on duty at all times. These guards operate on random patrols. You will never know when they are about to arrive on scene. This randomness ensures criminals cannot guess when the patrol is going to happen. Typically a mobile guard will arrive on scene, inspect the premises, and enter the building to ensure everything is safe and secure.

Alarm Response:

A security guard will respond to a tripped alarm almost immediately. At GVS you can trust that we will inspect the entire premises to ensure that there are no issues. This allows you to rest easy knowing a professional is on scene ensuring that your home or business is safe.

The key to hiring the right security company is to find out when you most need a guard at your property. At GVS we offer you a free security assessment that allows you to know what you should be doing. We have over 20 years of experience in the business and know a threat when we see one. We would love to chat with you about your security needs. Please feel free to call us at 250-413-3270 or stop by our office at 1027 Pandora Ave, Victoria BC V8V 3P6.

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