Security Victoria

Security Victoria

Victoria is one of the most beautiful places to live in British Columbia. At GVS we believe you can only begin to enjoy that beauty when you know that you are safe and protected. Safety is a fundamental importance to freedom we enjoy out on the beautiful west coast of Canada. Security Victoria is what we do at GVS.

At GVS our fundamental beliefs are that everyone should feel safe at home, at work, or at a special event. This core belief over the past twenty years has taken us many places protecting people just like you. When we started this business we knew that security in Victoria was going to be important to the city as it grew. Over the past 20 years we have helped to keep many businesses and homes safe and secure. Including:

• Retail stores
• Malls
• Residential buildings
• Hotels
• Construction sites
• City sites
• Special events

Our experience in the past 20 years has shown us there is a direct correlation between regular monitoring and reducing crime. We found when we started to have a presence on a job site, the number of incidents instantly fell, and this led us to expand our business. As we grew we decided it was important to train our people to be excellent security workers and ambassadors to the community. This investment has paid off drastically. We are trusted by some of the best companies that Victoria has to offer, and we want you to be one of those companies. Keeping people, assets and other valuables safe is what we do. We want to make sure that you feel protected and your assets are taken care of.

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