Regular Monitoring

Regular Monitoring

Regular Monitoring Keeps Your Business Safe.

Lets face it, your business has many valuable assets that need protection, including your people, building, inventory and parking lots. Without this sense of safety your entire business is at risk. GVS helps to give you this peace of mind. Not only do we keep your business safe we become part of the culture.

For instance if you have a large warehouse that needs protection, we can set you up with a stationary guard that will monitor everyone that comes in and out of the building. At night we could set up an alarm response unit and random mobile security patrols. A customized security package like this would give you 24 hour protection for your business. This is obviously just an example, but we want you to know that we have your best business interests in mind at all times.

Why do we encourage regular monitoring?

The reason we suggest you get regular monitoring for your business is to ensure that you are safe at all times. A single crime can put a business to ruin. Imagine your entire year’s inventory disappeared in one night? We prevent nightmares like this from happening all the time. Our guards are visible and we make our presence known if we see danger. Our stationary guards stay vigilant, our random mobile security guards ensure their patterns are not noticed, and our alarm response team is ready to act at the drop of a dime. It is this type of dedication that keeps the bad guys at bay.

If you think your business is safe with just our regular monitoring think again. Allow one of our security specialists to conduct a security analysis to ensure your property is currently safe and does not have any glaring security holes. All initial security consultations are free of charge. We want to keep the greater victoria area safe, one client at a time.

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