We Provide

  • Construction Site Security

  • Stationary Guards

  • Security mobile patrol

  • Alarm response

Industries Served

  • Construction

  • Parking lots

  • Manufacturing

  • Industrial

  • Financial institutions

  • Office buildings

  • Residential communities

  • Government facilities

  • Colleges & universities

  • Distribution facilities

  • Healthcare facilities

GVS's Award-Winning Services

Construction Sites

GVS has an extensive amount of experience with providing security for construction sites.

Commercial Buildings, Apartments & Hotels

We keep your residential building or hotel safe 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Allow your tenants and guests to feel at ease with the safety we provide, patrolling the perimeters and parking lots.

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Security Guard Services

Our stationary guards are not only trained in security; their impeccable people skills allow them to fit in with the culture of your esteemed firm.

Security Patrol Services

Our security services include random patrols for your business or home. Our trained guards can handle almost any situation. Keep criminals guessing with our random patrols.

Access Control

We will help ensure that only those authorized to gain entry to a secured space.

Fire Watch

We will make sure the fire does not start; there is no theft, protect the scene, and guard against trespassers.

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